Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, September 25, 2003


Helped out on a Cafe SCAT shoot last night. It was my first in three months, but apart from a few shaky moves (mostly when I was trucking), I did OK. Wish I could say whether the bands were good or not ... the truth is, between the instruments and the director's instructions, I can never make out more than 10 percent of the lyrics.

To kill time before the shoot started, I was browsing SCAT's library, and came across a recent donation: Hong Kong Action Theatre!: A Cinematic Action Roleplaying Game. Yes, someone had actually taken the time and trouble to design a RPG based on the Hong Kong moviemaking industry. I don't expect to ever use any of the material, but it's fun reading. Part of me wishes I'd never ditched all my back issues of Dragon magazine ...


Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Got a massage last night from a housemate. She's in school for shiatsu (say that five times fast) and needs "practice bodies". It was my third time being practiced on; this time, she worked on my back (lots of tense spots there), then my legs and feet. I was quite relaxed afterwards, and would have been happy to fall asleep right in the living room. Don't think the significant other would've gone for that, though.


Monday, September 22, 2003

Blogging, take two

The other day, I took down the three -- yes, three -- blogs I had here. It was just too much work to try to think of something new to say every day for all three (especially since each one had its own topic). Better to have just one blog in which I can ramble about anything, much as I am right now.