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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


You know it's winter when you're wishing for 40-degree weather ... the forecast says the low tonight will be 2, the high today only 6. There's an interesting story in today's Globe about how the chilly temperature makes people want to splurge on themselves:

Cold heats up comfort industry

The intro in particular caught my eye (and, for reasons which I can't explain with a straight face, cracked me up):

"Athan's European Bakery in Washington Square, Brookline, is a sinful land of chocolate and creme-covered desserts. But when the temperature dipped below freezing this weekend, the comfort food people turned to most was, of all things, ice cream.

'We were selling a lot of gelato,' said co-owner Angela Divaris."

Speaking of gelato, the votes at is now 32.13% against gay marriage/civil unions, 59.97% for gay marriage, and 7.90% for civil unions. Take that, AFA!

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