Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, January 26, 2004

"If I only had a brain ..."

Recently I read two sobering postmortems on Bush's State of the Union speech. The first, from the New Yorker, points up the small details (unemployment, environment, etc.) that Bush must not have had time to mention:

Unsteady State

The second, from my good friend Psychovant, provides a handy list of translations for those who might've had trouble deciphering what Shrub did say:

The State of Who's Union?

It's pretty sad when the president of your country reminds you of a song called Hollow Man (requires Real Player):

they picked another one off the vine
scooped out the seeds in the back of his mind
filled up his head with half-truths and lies
and put the finishing touch on the perfect disguise

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