Coming Out of Left Field

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Hop, flick, trip, oops!

Unless you're a professional (or have a really good leader/follower), do not try these swing steps at home:

Sliding doors: Requires the ability to triple-step sideways without crashing into your partner (who is triple-stepping, either behind or in front of you, in the opposite direction). Also requires the ability to, after said triple-step, stop your momentum in time to grab the other person's outstretched hand. Not absolutely required, but highly recommended, is a very, very wide practice area.

Tunnel: Involves all sorts of turnings, bendings and contortions. Requires extremely loose arms and shoulders. For followers, also requires the ability to, while bent almost double, maneuver through the tunnel formed by your partner's arms, then backward and around said partner. Highly recommended on the follower's part: the willingness to look utterly ridiculous.

Woodpecker: Consists of two forward triple-steps, two hops, one flick-replace, two backward hops, one drag-back, and a rock-step. No word on whether a "hop, skip, jump" version also exists.


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