Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, March 15, 2004

Taking a break

With all that needs doing in the next couple of months, going away for the weekend may not sound like a smart move. In reality, two days in a cozy guest lodge was just what the doctor ordered. We ate yummy food, walked some, danced some, played some games (I was introduced to Phase 10 and Cranium, both great fun) and did a heck of a lot of socializing. I even tried cross-country skiing, with predictable results:

1. My ears take in my instructor's injunctions, and pass them on to the arms and legs.
2. Said arms and legs process the message, and send back a reply, "You want me to do what? Are you out of your mind?"
3. Since arms and legs aren't performing properly, my brain attempts to direct them remotely.
4. Arms, legs, and the rest of me, still arguing, end up in the snow.


With any luck, I will have mastered the art of skiing without falling before my (as of yet unborn) kids do ...

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