Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Batter up!

Fantasy baseball's started, and I'm next to last. Just like old times. *rolls eyes* At least I have a pretty good lineup. Here's the Opening Day roster:

C: I. Rodriguez
1B: J. Thome
2B: J. Kent
3B: S. Rolen
SS: M. Tejada
OF: C. Beltran, I. Suzuki, M. Ordonez
Util: A. Jones
Bench: C. Jones, F. Thomas
DL: N. Garciaparra

Pitchers: T. Hudson, J. Moyer, E. Gagne, J. Smoltz, A. Pettite, E. Guardado, J. Borowski, B. Colon, R. Ortiz

Let the tinkering begin!

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