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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


It's hard enough to organize any wedding, let alone a same-sex wedding, without this kind of crap:

A petty win for Romney

My SO and I want our dance teacher to officiate at our wedding -- dance is how we met, after all -- so we've been going through this too. It took a trip to the State House yesterday (this after several e-mail and phone messages went unanswered) to find out that, yes, our application is in order, and we should be able to pick it up or have it mailed after the 17th.

Funny thing was, when I went through security I had to hand in my blue Swiss army knife. The nice police officer who took it told me I could get it back on the way out, and assured me that it was standard procedure, and that she didn't think I was a threat. I felt like saying, "Could you please tell Romney that, too?"

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