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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Verse about the Curse

I needed a mental break from Romney, Rumsfeld et al., so I went poking around the Web for some baseball haiku, and found a nice little site devoted to my home team. Its mission statement nicely sums up the comic tragedy (and tragicomedy) of being a Sox fan, as does some of the poetry itself:

In spring, Florida
Hope renewed, wins and losses
In the Fall, the fall

Hey wait 'til next year
Every eighty-six years
Like clockwork. Go Sox.

In winter Fenway
Old ghosts sleep and Schilling dreams
No hitters, no curse.

And though it doesn't refer to the Sox at all, I kinda get a kick out of this one by BxSteve:

Florida Marlins.
The whole state? A kind of fish?
Who the heck are they?

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