Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Almost done with the directing class -- one more meeting next Tuesday, which will feature a quiz on the readings and a screening of all the short films we produced. In no particular order, here are the things I carried away from class:

-- Megaphone, beret, and chair are part of the director's accessories, but are optional, and very, very not recommended if you're just starting out.

-- A simpler script is a better script. You can jam a million actions and a dozen characters into a five-minute piece, but why would you?

-- Finding the right space is important. If you set your piece in a hotel lobby, for example (no one did this, fortunately), make sure you have one to shoot in.

-- A good cast = more efficient use of time = smoother shoot.

-- Same goes for your crew.

-- If a prop gets destroyed in your scene, like a Red Sox ticket, make sure you've got several copies on hand. Alternately, shoot within running distance of the Fenway Park box office (a rather more expensive option).

-- Have fun! The story's the thing, so go ahead and tell it.

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