Coming Out of Left Field

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The bells are ringing ...

Went to my third (if you count mine) same-sex wedding last weekend, at the lovely lodge where our dance crowd has March and September get-togethers. The ceremony was short and sweet (the couple danced their vows -- wish I'd thought of that!), and the rest of the day (dancing, food, company) was excellent. Even the weather, which had brought a torrential downpour early Saturday morning, behaved itself.

The one sour note was that our lodging (unfortunately, Stump Sprouts was filled with the couple's relatives) left much to be desired. Namely, doors that locked, a bedroom door that closed completely, firm beds, and clean carpets. I guess you can't expect too much for $45 a night, but that was definitely on the lower end of the scale.


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