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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Hot, hot, hot

The weather gods decided to hike the temperature about twenty degrees today. Naturally, this happened just in time for our first Directing class shoot, which took place inside a small, crowded apartment where the windows, because of light and sound issues, needed to be kept closed. Fortunately no one fainted from the heat, though our DP did need to take a breather at one point, and other folks rehydrated whenever they had the chance. My arms didn't get tired from holding the boom, but my ears took a while to stop ringing (shades of Cafe SCAT).

Despite the weather and the chaos that accompanies any shoot, I was darn glad to be on a set again, it's been way too long. Two more sets of rehearsals and shoots after this, starting with my first run-through on Thursday.

Is that really two days from now? Ulp. Thank heavens I won't be doing this for a living.

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