Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Sojourn in Silver Springs

Just got back from a long (and much-needed) weekend in Maryland. It was a very nice trip, even better than going to a B&B -- our friends spoiled us tremendously, and didn't let us lift a finger the whole time. *happy sigh*

One day was unfortunately given over to work (shoot preparation for me, thank-you notes for the wife), but on Tuesday we got out and about a bit. Dupont Circle featured some GLBT stores and a nice cafe (mmmm, mint mocha). The Holocaust Museum was much more serious, and definitely worth a visit if you're anywhere near D.C. I wish I could drag Mel Gibson's father and like-minded thinkers through "Daniel's Story". The exhibit's geared for kids, so even Holocaust deniers might get it.

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