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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Weekend work

Spent Saturday down in New Bedford volunteering for Summer of Equality, a joint campaign by and the Freedom to Marry Coalition. The wife, a friend and I were asking folks to sign postcards for their state legislators (only Mass. residents permitted, unfortunately), urging them to vote against any discriminatory amendments.

None of us knew what sort of reaction we get, so we were pleasantly surprised. Many people signed, often with comments that they were totally behind us and didn't understand why people would even care. One guy even went up to my wife and said, "I'd love to sign, but I'm straight. Is that OK?" (For the record, yes. We're looking for support, not converts!)

The folks who didn't sign were, by and large, polite about it; only one person got irritated at me, not because of the issue but because she'd "already signed one million of these things". I hope she has -- then her legislators will have no excuse to vote for the amendment. As if they had one now ...

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You were in my neck of the woods (kinda).

Though I wasn't around NB on the weekend, I work pretty close to that city.

We're fairly liberal down here, which is part of the reason we've suffered under recent Republican gubernatorial administrations. They know there's no support here for them, and very little $$$.

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