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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Adios, Nomie

Well, the writing has been on the wall for a while, though I couldn't have guessed that Nomar Garciaparra would go from one cursed club to another:

Sox trade Nomar to Cubs at deadline

Practically speaking, the Sox probably did as best as they could. As the latest Sporting News points out, Nomar and the Sox have been heading towards a breakup ever since the offseason; rather than let him walk for nothing (see Clemens, Roger and Vaughn, Mo), they tried to shore up first base and get at least a stopgap in shortstop.

And though it's a bad move for public relations, it may be better for clubhouse chemistry. Nomar, as intense as he is, has never seemed to embrace a leadership role, and does his best Ted Williams impression whenever he talks to the media.

However, the Sox are losing a great hitter and a good defender, as well as one of their best home-grown talents.

To Nomar: you did great for us in Boston. Let's hope a change of venue translates into a fresh start.

To the Red Sox: I hope you guys know what you're doing. Only time will tell.

To the Cubs: If this works out, see you in the Series.

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