Coming Out of Left Field

Friday, August 27, 2004


Just got back from my honeymoon in Edinburgh ... had an even better time than expected. With all the castles, museums, street performers, etc. we were kept quite busy and happy, if a bit tired from all the walking. We were back home by 9 every night, while our more energetic neighbors (who took the bus everywhere) stayed out until 1. Speaking of B&Bs, we had a wonderful one: Ardmor House, which had tasty filling food, a king-sized bed, towel heating racks, and a really nice, helpful host.

Best quote heard while in Edinburgh

"He's dressed up as Mel Gibson."
-- A woman speaking to her son, about a blue-painted warrior who was collecting donations for cancer research.

Best quote heard on the way back from Edinburgh

"It's an Orange Alert."
-- A fellow passenger, speculating about the delay in letting us off the plane.

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