Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Student stumbles

Three weeks of film production class have reminded me of two things:

1. I am not naturally adept with mechanical thingamabobby whatchamacallits.
2. I can't draw anything more complicated than a stick figure.

Fortunately, the mechanical stuff should come with practice, lots and lots of it. I need to find a nice, numbered diagram of the camera (this Arriflex manual looks like it might do the trick) and memorize what every little lever, button and knob does. Part of me wonders whether I should order an extra spool or two of film so I can practice loading and unloading without ruining project footage.

As for the drawing stuff, the professor assured us he isn't expecting Rembrandts; what's most important is that someone else can look at the storyboards and understand what's depicted in terms of angle, motion, etc. The jury's still out on mine ...

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Hang in there!

Unfortunately I am "naturally adept with mechanical thingamabobby whatchamacallits" but for some reason have chosen not to work with or even around them. D'oh!

Stick with it, it'll come. :)

Shannon ...

Thanks, you two. Hey, Shann, since you're good with mechanical doodads, wanna come out here and crew on my shoot? ;)

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