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Friday, October 01, 2004

Go, Kerry!

I only caught the last 20-odd minutes of the debate last night, but I saw enough to see that Kerry has finally pulled it together. Folks tell me the whole debate went Kerry's way -- he was calm, confident, always in command of himself and the facts. Bush, on the other hand, was unconvincing, bumbling and mumbling his way through some truly idiotic justifications for the Iraq war. (He doesn't seem to do very well when he doesn't have a script.)

Since public opinion is politics (or at least most of it), here are some ways to voice yours, no matter your party allegiance:

Polls/message boards
ABC News
CBS News
Fox News

And for Kerry supporters, here are some ways to reach the media:
MoveOn PAC's letters to the editor
John Kerry: Speak out

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