Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, October 04, 2004

Ichiro has left the building ...

... and so has the rest of my fantasy baseball team, at least as far as stats are concerned. Like my hometown club, I came in second to the team from New York (darn it), but kept up a good show until the end.

Unfortunately the Yahoo game doesn't do keepers (probably a good thing, because otherwise it wouldn't be free). If they did, though, I'd try really hard to hang on to these six players:

Batters: Ichiro (OF), Ivan Rodriguez (C), Scott Rolen (3B)
Pitchers: Johan Santana (SP), Eric Gagne (RP), Jason Isringhausen (RP)

As usual, pitching -- or the lack thereof -- was my Achilles' heel. Starting next season, Derek Lowe, Bartolo Coón, and Arthur Rhodes are persona non grata.

Now on to fantasy football. Hut hut!

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