Coming Out of Left Field

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Please, oh please oh please oh please

As I write this, the Sox are leading Game 4, 3-2. This is only the second time they've been ahead all series.

As I write this, I (and many other folks, I suspect) are directing the below words to the Great Umpire in the Sky:

Please, oh please let Derek Lowe keep shutting them down. Please, oh please, let Hernandez et al. give up lots of walks and hits.

Please, oh please, let us beat the Yankees tonight. I don't ask for a four-game winning streak (not even divine intervention could deliver that). All I want right now is just one win, so we can have some self-respect going into the offseason.

And one final request: please, oh please, if the Yankees do advance, let the National League team give them the worst a**-kicking they've ever experienced. Amen!

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