Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wacky World Series

Three "OMG!" moments from last night:

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"
Pedro Martinez's first time at the plate, in which he didn't swing once. I read today that after Martinez got back to the dugout, Lowe inspected his bat to make sure there wasn't anything wrong.

"Oh no ..."
Pedro's second at-bat, with two men on and two out. My wife and I both agreed that of all the guys on the Sox roster, Pedro is the last one you'd want up in that situation.

Jeff Suppan, the opposing pitcher, getting caught between third and home. If he hadn't wavered, he would've scored easily, and the whole game could've gone to the Cards. Hmmmm, maybe Pedro had the right idea after all.

On to Game 4 tonight. Go Sox!

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