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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Weekend update

Last weekend the wife and I spent a couple of days in Pittsburgh, PA. Though short, it was a nice visit. Whenever we walked or drove around, we counted lawn signs and bumper stickers (making the appropriate sound effects). Out in the burbs there was a mix, but in the city itself, especially near the school, Kerry far outnumbered Bush. The folks we spent time with were also, by and large, not fans of our current president. Even my right-leaning brother won't vote Republican; he plans to write in Alexander Hamilton, who aside from his current state of existence seems to satisfy all the candidacy requirements, and would probably do a better job than Bush too.

We also went to the "national" aviary, home to, among others, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon. You can't really tell from the pictures, but these birds are huge -- they can be as big as turkeys. If there really was a pact between pigeons and humans, these birds would definitely have the upper wing.

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Soxfan....Man, the past couple of days must have been rough for you with the Sox. Well, it may not be much comfort, but you've got a friend in the South. I hope those boys beat the crap out of the Yankees at the next me, the Yankees stand for what's evil in the world - deep, big-money corporate pockets.

While I'm on the subject, check out for a look at my debate analysis and my "Bush Notebook."

Think of it this way, the Sox may not have won last night but Kerry did.

PS. How did you get that cost of the Iraq war counter on your site? I dig that. Thanks...

Thanks for the anti-Yankee sentiments. Yep, those games were hard to watch. I'd hoped for at least a split; the Sox better take two at home, or they'll be in big trouble.

As for the counter, you can grab the HTML off's instructions for embedding page. I had to do a little tweaking, but it was pretty easy to install.

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