Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Filmed my first project for class yesterday. At first I had major jitters, both because of my aforementioned lack of technological competence (it took fifteen minutes and two other people's help to load the camera properly) and the anxiety that crops up whenever I'm telling someone else what to do. Eventually I relaxed, though. Unless the focus or sprocketing was messed up the whole time, the film should turn out OK.

There was only one heart-attack moment. A classmate and I were setting up a shot of a parking meter (she would be trying to jam a silver dollar into it). Next to the meter was a black SUV. I was checking the angle when I sensed someone approaching the car. I straightened up and looked right into the face of Tom Menino, the mayor of Boston.

By the time I started breathing again, he had joked to my classmate, "I hope there's nothing wrong with our meters!" He drove off without further incident, leaving me relieved that he hadn't come along during filming itself. I can hear the news promo now: "Film student arrested! News at 11."

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Whoa! That's pretty funny!

Congrats on not getting arrested.

Thanks! That's not exactly how I intend to make my name in the business. :)

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