Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


No, my sleepiness doesn't have anything to do with last night's game, which I unfortunately did not let myself see. It's due to my having to get up at the crack of dawn today for class; in order to see everyone's first projects, we started half an hour earlier than usual. So the TV stayed off all last night, though I did peek online once while I was sending an e-mail (to find out that it was the third inning already, woo-hoo!). And I'll say, the Sox win was a very nice thing to wake up to. :)

As for the screenings, they were pretty fun to watch. Given the limitations, people came up with interesting imagery, free of film-school cliches. Seeing my project made me wish, once again, that we'd been able to edit; knowing I could experiment might have helped me come up with a greater variety of shots. Still, I was happy that my first film was more than two minutes of black, and that it hadn't been confiscated by the City of Boston.

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