Coming Out of Left Field

Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy holidays!

Got this in an e-mail the other day, and just had to share:

A friend of mine has drawn a series of postcards starring a similarly wily bird. In the one I got a while back, the turkey was studying books on great escapes. Naturally, it also had a poster of its inspiration on one wall.

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Got the same one...must have been a popular photo! How is the book on Van Gogh? He has always been one of my favorite artists. I remember how moving it was to see many of his works when I went to the MOMA in New York.

It's interesting. Even in his early letters one could guess he would have issues later on -- one moment he's happy, even ecstatic about working, the next he's severely depressed about his lack of progress and financial difficulties. Van Gogh does a wonderful job of describing his daily life though, particularly the scenes of peasants, miners, etc. he's trying to capture. I do wish that the translator had done a better job of indicating where one letter starts and another ends.

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