Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, December 13, 2004

Football at Foxboro

Caught my first Patriots game (and first pro football game ever) yesterday. Apart from not dressing warmly enough -- I had to plunk down $4.00 for a hot chocolate, so I could survive the fourth quarter -- it was a fun time. The game was closer than a lot of people expected. For whatever reason, the Patriots defense had problems wrapping up tackles, but did come up with some big plays, and the Bengals helped out by committing three turnovers and nine penalties.

Favorite and funniest play of the game: in the third quarter, Tom Brady dropped back to pass, tripped over Corey Dillon's feet, sat down on the ground ... and threw, complete, to Patrick Pass for seven yards. Somehow Brady made it look easy, as if they'd practiced that all week. Belichick and Weis may have to add it to their playbook, next to the play-action, pump-fake, lateral to tailback Hail Mary.

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