Coming Out of Left Field

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Taking back baseball

I'm not going to stop watching baseball just yet, but there's definitely a cloud over the game right now. Ken Rosenthal wants the players to help dispel it. As Rosenthal says, "It's your game, not the cheaters'. Take it back."

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I was looking at your reading list (how like a stereotypic gay man...ignoring the information about sports :) ) How was the Terkel book on race? I have always enjoyed reading his books but somehow did not evenknow of this particular book. Since my partner and I are an interracial couple I think I will try to pick it up over the winter break.


Still working on "Race", which (as usual with Terkel) is interesting, if somewhat dismaying. Some of the interviewees don't see any hope whatsover, and a couple others used to be more open but admit they're now more close-minded. At least they worry about whether they're prejudiced or not, which I guess is better than before.

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