Coming Out of Left Field

Friday, January 14, 2005

Agenda ideas

My friend Psychovant's blog (1/7/2005 entry) highlights four simple yet sensible suggestions for Bush's second term. Wonder if I should forward them to the White House? There's probably time to work them into his State of the Union speech, and they'd be just as credible (or more so) than anything else he'll say that night.

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That link didn't take me to her site, and I don't have her blog url handy.

Oops -- fixing that now.

I especially like the one about the Constitution! But, I'm much too busy to think much about it. I am wracking my brain to decide what black clothes I have that I look good wearing. Thursday is coming up quickly. (Do I sound like one of those unthinking people who was able to vote for that thing in the White House?)

If you sound like one, that means I do too!

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