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Friday, January 21, 2005

One Dem dime

As a follow-up to yesterday's Not One Damn Dime boycott, why not take some of the money you normally would have spent (more, if you can spare it), and sending it to a Democratic organization? I sent a donation to last night, to support their plan to win back Congress; the DNC and state parties would also appreciate the support. That way, NODD will have even more of an impact.

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That is a great idea! I took your suggestion and upped my monthly contribution to the National Stonewall Democrats

I know this is not the spot to post this, but I am working on adding a page of blogs to my web site of GLB resources at If you know of any people who want to be added, would you let me know? The site especially is geared toward teachers, youth and their parents.

Thanks, Mark

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