Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Two steps forward, three steps back

Now that the Red Sox have finally come through, the "defeat snatched from the jaws of victory" vibe has seemingly transferred itself to my attempts to get set up from home. The current situation:

1. The business line is on the third floor, in my study.
2. The cable modem is on the second floor, in the living room.

So either I get Comcast back in to move the cable modem (or to run some Ethernet cable between the second and third floor), or I split the office in two, and run back and forth between them whenever I'm on a conference call. I do need to exercise more, but that's not how I intended to do it. *sigh*

Update: my very smart wife came up with another solution, getting a portable phone. I still have to run upstairs whenever I'm expecting a fax, but this works out much better.


If you're not allowed to go wireless with the computer, maybe you could go wireless with the telephone instead? Get some kind of digital encryption wireless phone. Put the base where the business line is and put the handset near your computer. Many of these phones have "charging bases" where you can put the handset, so it can be charging near your computer and it never needs to visit the base station again.

(I was having trouble posting this comment earlier... time to try again)

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