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Monday, February 07, 2005

Go Pats!

It's a good day to live in New England:

Triple crowns: Patriots 24, Eagles 21

The wife and I had a small but cozy Super Bowl party at a friend's house, with a nice easy dinner of pizza and soda. During the game we snuggled together on the sofa, with one of our friend's three cats curled up on one lap or another. The game was fun; the Pats weren't quite as dominating as in the win over the Steelers, but a good defensive battle that really could've gone either way. If I were an Eagles fan, I'd be e-mailing the team saying a) please, please, please get a running game and b) what part of "hurry-up offense" don't you understand?

As for the rest of the entertainment, most of the commercials were pretty forgettable (except for the Ford convertible one, and that's because it ran at least twice in a row), but the ones with the chimps were cute. Unfortunately half of the people in the house missed the funniest one: the diet Pepsi commercial that features a standard-issue hunk strolling down the street sipping a soda. My friend and I both rolled our eyes at the sight of numerous women following this guy down the street (the "Staying Alive" theme didn't help matters). Then the ad showed yet another person walking by and doing a double-take ... only it was Carson Kressley, from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"! Beautiful, utterly beautiful. :)

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