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Friday, February 25, 2005

Missive to Mitt

The other day, Mr. Romney showed that he'll say anything -- no matter how untrue and unfair -- for political gain:

"Now last year, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court struck a blow against the family, as I’m sure you know. The court forgot that marriage is, first and foremost, about nurturing and developing children. Its ruling meant that our society is supposed to be indifferent about whether children have a mother and a father.

“Today, same-sex couples are marrying under the law in Massachusetts. Some are actually having children born to them. We’ve been asked to change their birth certificates to remove the phrase 'mother' and 'father' and replace it with 'Parent A' and 'Parent B.' It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact. Every child has the right to have a mother and a father."

Since Romney has been spending an awful lot of time away from home lately, I thought I would clue him in to some things he might've missed otherwise. I wrote the below at

"Dear Mr. Romney,

I realize that your out-of-state travels and speech-making may not leave you much time for keeping up to date with things in Massachusetts, so here is a quick summary to catch you up:

1. Since last year, thousands of same-sex couples have gotten legally married in the state you govern.
2. Many of these couples have been together for years.
3. Many of these couples are raising children together.

Maybe to you, these things set same-sex couples apart from the norm. To me, they ARE the norm. What could be more normal, after all, than people who are committed to their relationships and to their families?"

If you want to help educate Mitt, you can write your own letter to him at Then contact your state legislators and ask them to vote against any discriminatory amendments to the state constitution. After all, not even the diehard conservatives will support Romney if he can't get same-sex marriage banned in his own state ...

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