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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Stump Sprouts sojourn

Over the weekend, the wife and I, along with a bunch of other folks, paid our six-month visit to Stump Sprouts in Western Mass. As usual, it was a relaxing if busy time. Depending on people's moods and energy levels, you could explore the great outdoors, or stay cosy indoors with books and board games. I joined an impromptu beginner's snowshoeing lesson and, once I figured out how to put the darn things on properly (what do you mean, the back loop is for the back of my foot?), was up and walking, if not running. Which is a good thing -- with snowshoeing, it's easier to look around and enjoy the scenery, and much easier, at least for me, to actually stay upright for more than five minutes at a time.

The get-together for this theme was poetry, celebrated most fully by the first-ever Stump Sprouts poetry slam. Several people contributed original work (my wife wrote an excellent doggerel about chocolate), and one woman recited The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere from memory. Being shy, I was only too happy to have my wife read my selection, Ogden Nash's Very Like a Whale. There were many other fun pieces, too many to remember ... if anyone else from this weekend compiles a list, I'll try to post it.

After so much activity and good healthy food (with more veggies than I usually eat in a week), we somehow found the room for some of Bart's chocolate chunk mousse raspberry ice cream. The little cafe that served it was part of an antique place that, as a little girl remarked to her mom, had "so much junk!" Maybe next time we come out that way, we'll reserve a few hours to browse. You know what they say: one girl's junk is another girl's treasure.


Sounds like lots of fun! I did the snow shoe thing once and loved it. Hope to do it again. I tried to ski, too, but couldn't even get across a little bump in the snow to get to the lessons :)


That would be my problem, too. Snowshoeing is so much better for the balance-challenged. :)

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