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Monday, March 14, 2005

Tricky taxes

Damn DOMA. It's making tax time much tougher for married same-sex couples in Massachusetts:

"The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that legalized gay marriage on May 17, 2004, was a sweet victory for gay men and lesbian women nationwide. But it had no impact on the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines a legal marriage as between one man and one woman. Because the Internal Revenue Service will not accept joint married tax filings from same-sex couples, gay married couples are spending more time -- and sometimes twice as much money -- doing their 2004 taxes."

I usually do my taxes myself, but this year when my wife goes to H&R Block, I think I'll go with her. Anyway, it'll be nice to file as married, even if Massachusetts is the only place that recognizes it.

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How I envy you. To actually live in a state that recognizes your relationship! Ohio is doing everything it possibly can to deny us our equal rights. It is starting to backfire on them. Straight people are now using the new constitutional ammendment to get out of domestic abuse charges. I don't wish abuse on anyone, but it sure is nice to see these frightened bigots getting a taste of their own medicine.

It is ... hopefully folks will come to their senses and see that denying people their rights is just not a good idea.

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