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Friday, March 04, 2005

The West Wing: "A Good Day"

Appropriately enough, this was a feel-good show. Santos et al. got the better of the Speaker, the suffrage kids enjoyed a brief moment in the presidential spotlight, and Harper's quick thinking averted a war with Canada. I kept thinking that the plot with the hunters was going to turn into a tragedy, but then I remembered that one of the Law and Order series had done that instead. After last week's episode, it was a nice pick-me-up for the characters as well as the viewers; Toby, aka Richard Schiff (who directed), particularly needed a change from all the campaign chaos and cynicism.

Speaking of which, Zogby actually did a poll about the West Wing presidential election. According to the survey, Santos would beat Vinick, 44% to 28%. Of course, this is fictional; someone as moderate and smart as Vinick would never get the Republican nomination in the first place.

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