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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The West Wing: "In God We Trust"

This was a great episode for Alan Alda, playing a rare subspecies of presidential candidate, Nonpanderia Religeria. Vinick is becoming more attractive as a replacement for Martin Sheen, though a Republican being elected might mean a lot of turnover in the White House. That would be sad -- while I couldn't care less about the VP or his chief of staff, I would miss CJ, Donna, Josh and of course Jed Bartlett. Either way, we probably won't find out until next season, since there are only two episodes left this year.

Random notes:
-- The ice cream scene was hilarious (POTUS and his potential successor eating right from the carton).
-- Toby was in a particularly hopeless and snarly mood this episode. I can't help wondering if he'll leave the show when Sheen does, or even before.
-- Will trotted out his "the VP's our man, so get on board or get out of the way" bit, which didn't go very far with CJ.
-- I bet that the VP, in true Bingo Bob fashion, will ignore the presidential warning, attack Santos, and wipe out whatever's left of his chances for the nomination.

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