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Thursday, March 10, 2005

West Wing: "La Palabra"

A solid if unspectacular episode, though there were a couple of camera tricks in the first few minutes (kudos to whoever did the rolling orange POV shot). I bet Jimmy Smits is having a blast playing Santos. Week after week, he gets to be serious, smart, passionate *and* funny. Janel Moloney, who plays Donna, is probably having fun too. Her character is suddenly playing a bigger role in the campaign, so much so that she ends up almost single-handedly knocking Hoynes out of the running. She deserves a much better candidate than Bingo Bob.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, next week's episode promises a secret powwow with, of all people, Fidel Castro (!), and a more intimate connection between Leo and Kate. All things considered, I'd rather be out with Josh and Matt Santos, or even Alan Alda. Then I could at least pretend the election hasn't already happened ...

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