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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Actions for equality

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In a few short days, gay and lesbian couples married in Massachusetts will begin celebrating their one-year anniversaries.

During the month of May, we ask you to join us in celebrating these historic anniversaries, to share your stories from this past year, and to take meaningful action to defend equal marriage rights.

Here's how you can take part:

1. Sign the Equality Petition. Add your name to our petition urging legislators to reject any effort to amend the Commonwealth's 225-year-old Constitution to discriminate against gays and lesbians by taking away their constitutionally-protected right to marry. With your help, this petition will be the largest show of support for equal marriage rights in Massachusetts yet assembled. Please add your name, then ask your friends and family members to do the same. Visit to read the petition, sign on, and tell your friends.

2. Share your Story. Whether you got married or not, whether you are single or partnered, gay or straight, last year was a dramatic, history-making year. Let's share with one another, and with the world, what marriage equality has meant to us. There is nothing more moving, or more convincing, than the personal stories of our experience with marriage equality. So please, visit to write a short piece on what marriage equality means to you and to include up to three photographs. We will post many of the submissions on our website and compile some of them into a book to give to legislators.

3. Celebrate. Starting on May 17th, thousands of couples will celebrate their first anniversaries. As these couples mark the occasion, each in their own personal way, we ask you to join them in celebrations around the state. At parties large and small, we will rejoice with newly-married couples and other supporters of equality. For a full list of anniversary parties and to register for the May 17th celebration at Boston's Copley Fairmon, please visit

4. Volunteer. There is much work to do as we prepare for the next legislative vote on rolling back equal marriage rights. Find out how you can get involved in our office, at the Democratic State Convention in Lowell, and at festivals and Town Meetings throughout the state. To see a full list of upcoming volunteer opportunities, please visit

5. Contribute. At MassEquality, our goal is simple - to celebrate not just the first anniversary of marriage equality in Massachusetts, but the seconde, third and fourth. To do that, we must win this year. We have an ambitious program that we believe will enable us to win when legislators next consider equal marriage rights, but it will be costly to pull off. Please visit to make a secure online contribution today.

It is incredibly exciting to be passing the one-year anniversary of equal marriage rights in Massachusetts. I look forward to reading your stories and seeing you at one of our anniversary celebrations or volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your continued commitment to equal marriage rights.


Marty Rouse
Campaign Director


If you can, please act (in any of the above ways), and pass it on. Thanks!

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