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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Belgium blogging

It's been a good visit in Belgium so far, and a busy one (this is the first time I've been online in the past few days). It took a couple of days to get over the jet lag, thanks in part to a couple of people in front of us who chatted away incessantly. Apparently they thought they were the only ones on the plane; the next morning, one of them was blithely chatting away to a seatmate while standing in the aisle, thus blocking one of the flight attendants. Maybe he felt that since he'd already gotten his breakfast box, everyone else could wait for theirs. Silly, silly me to actually want to get fed.

Once we got here, things took a turn for the better. In the last couple of days we've settled in, with lots of help from our wonderful in-laws, who have shown us around and fed us lots of yummy food. We've also done a lot of walking and looking around. Right now there's a town-wide show dedicated to a local sculptor, Constantin Meunier, who worked during the late 1800's - early 1900's. We learned today on the tour that his art, mostly of the working class, didn't receive much critical acclaim at first, since the wealthy art-lovers didn't think much of his choice of subject. (Which is a shame -- these were strong, well-articulated pieces that must have required lots of observation and work on Meunier's part.) Some of that might still be in effect today; yesterday, we happened upon a lovely antique shop that had several of Meunier's pieces. Apparently the owner asked the town if he could be part of the exhibit, and was told that he would not or could not be included, it's not clear why. Apparently politics and art still don't mix very well.

Tomorrow we'll be off touring somewhere, destination TBD -- preferably somewhere with chocolate!

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Mmm, Belgian chocolate!!!!!!

Love the sculptures, thank you for sharing this with us

It is time for America to start honering its Workers and shun those that abuse them.

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