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Friday, April 01, 2005

Doing the waive

Finally had a little free time to mess around with my fantasy baseball rosters. I did only a few adds and drops with my Blogshares squad, but my EA team needed a lot more work. I usually like to split my reserves between batters and pitchers, but the autodraft used all my bench spots for batters, with some position duplication.

Dropped: C. Jones (3B/OF), E. Chavez (3B), J. Reyes (2B/SS)

With S. Rolen and M. Mora, I really didn't need two more third basemen on the roster, even if Jones could play outfielder too (and I seem to remember that he's injury-prone). Reyes is versatile, but I already have Nomar Garciaparra as a backup shortstop, and I wanted a second baseman with more pop.

Added: R. Harden (SP), M. Clement (SP), R. Freel (2B/3B/OF).

Harden and Clement were added to give me the ability to rotate in pitchers (Roto Times will be a popular site for the next several months). Plus, Clement is a strikeout guy (and a Sox guy). I added Freel to both of my squads for flexibility. He came in particularly handy when I was setting up the lineups for the EA squad, since teams don't really get in full swing until mid-week, leaving some of my regulars off the field.

A sort-of-related aside: the other day I was browsing a local magazine, which had an article about Sox GM Theo Epstein and his twin Paul. It was not a well-written piece -- it had promised a focus on their special relationship, but didn't deliver -- but one particular error stood out. At one point, the article discusses some of Epstein's moves, and highlights the trade of then-Sox superstar Norman Garciaparra. The author is probably not a baseball fan, let alone one of the Fenway Faithful.

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