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Thursday, April 07, 2005

EA fantasy baseball: changes for Week 2

Only two adds/drops today:

Dropped: R. Freel (2B/3B/OF)
Added: J. Kent (2B)

With Giles day-to-day, I needed someone to take over at 2B. Since Freel is dealing with an arrest for DWI (short for Dimwit, maybe?), he won't be that guy.

Dropped: F. Cordero (RP)
Added: M. Batista (SP/RP)

It wasn't on the scale of Smoltz's meltdown, but Cordero's blowup didn't impress me at all. I'd rather not be third in ERA if I can help it.

My overall rank (second) is pretty misleading -- there are already huge gaps in batting average and ERA. Too early to panic, but it does bear watching. Stay tuned ...

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