Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, April 14, 2005

EA fantasy baseball: changes for Week 3

Only one add/drop this week:

Dropped: V. Martinez (C)
Added: P. Lo Duca (C/OF)

Martinez was pretty highly rated coming into the season, but isn't doing that well so far; Lo Duca is hitting .387. No contest.

Benched: N. Garciaparra (S, in Util spot), C. Crawford (OF)
Activated: C. Beltran (OF), M. Giles (2B, in Util spot)

Nomar hasn't gotten in a groove yet, so he gets to rest for a bit. Crawford is doing OK, but Beltran is doing better. Giles's injury status is still iffy, but he's putting up good numbers so far.

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