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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The West Wing: "2162 Votes"

What a great end to the season. Even though Santos' nomination (as far as viewers are concerned) is a foregone conclusion, the show managed to inject a lot of suspense into the convention chaos. Jimmy Smits did a wonderful job with Santos' speech, which was both rousing and intelligent, a combination not often found in campaign politics. It was nice to see Bartlett finally backing Santos. If he'd done that earlier, maybe things wouldn't have been so fractured come convention time ... but then the VP would've thrown a fit, which may have split the party anyway.

Other notes:
-- Hated, hated, hated the handheld camera. I know they were shooting for a documentary look, but shaky does not automatically equal real. Also, in case no one told them, WW is a fictional TV show.

-- Bit of a shocker, Santos choosing Leo to be his VP. I guess it makes sense if they want to keep John Spencer on the show in the event Santos is elected (Josh would probably end up as chief of staff). The question will be if Leo's ticker is up to the stress and media attention.

-- Wonder what Donna will do now? To say nothing of Will and Bingo Bob.

-- I also wonder who leaked the space shuttle thing. Some people think it was CJ, others think Toby was responsible. I'm leaning toward Toby being the culprit. Although CJ at one point expressed disillusionment with having to conceal things, that was back when she was still press secretary. Now that she's chief of staff, it's hard to imagine her being the leak. Toby, on the other hand, has been getting increasingly depressed and bitter about the state of the party. In a way, he's already leaked stuff before, in Drought Conditions. Would he go as far as to give away classified information to the press? Maybe, though I'd hate for Richard Schiff to leave in that way.

Guess all these questions won't be answered until next season. Good thing baseball's started, so I have something to tide me over until then ...

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Geez, have I missed out or what? Sounds like it's been a heckuva season, and here I am stuck on Bravo with West Wing Marathon Mondays trying to catch up with some of the previous seasons! That's what I get when I hate to watch network television...maybe it's time I just rent all the DVD's and watch it again in order. ;)

So, Soxfan...
Thought I'd come by and say hi! There are so many blogs and so little time. ;) I'll try to stop in more often.

Happy almost Friday!


I need to do that too ... I really didn't start watching the show lately until I started seeing my now-wife, so I have way too much to catch up on. Hopefully they'll start repeats sooner rather than later.

Thanks for stopping by, and TGIF!


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