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Monday, May 09, 2005

Calling all pitchers

Made some roster changes for my EA Fantasy baseball team, hoping (a la Joe Torre and Boss George) that a shakeup will help in the standings:

Dropped: J. Schmidt (SP), B. Sheets (SP/DL), J. Thome (1B/DL), M. Giles (2B)
Added: C. Zambrano (SP), M. Mulder (SP), J. Vazquez (SP), C. Figgins (2B/3B/SS/OF)

I loaded up on starters because a) I'm behind in the pitching categories, and b) I'm fairly confident with most of my batters, so I don't feel as much a need to have backups who would just end up sitting anyway. I am a little nervous about having just Figgins on the bench, but since this league allows daily transactions, if I check in every day I should be able to plug up any gaps that develop.

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