Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hints for homebuyers

I'm usually not a fan of the Evil Empire (Microsoft, not the Yanks for once), but the MSN site does have a pretty good financial info site. I was catching up on some reading and ran across this article for new homebuyers, of whom I'll be one sooner or later:

Ten nasty new-home surprises

Though much of the article is tongue-in-cheek, it does make some valid points. I know that when we start packing up things in earnest, we might be tempted just to say, "Let's toss that out, we can always get a new one, and that way we don't have to move it." Fortunately, we're by and large fairly careful, so we would concentrate just on the essentials and make do with card tables, folding chairs, etc. for the rest. Besides, her parents have said more than once they want us to get a house, so they can give us some stuff -- and in the process free up space in their house.


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