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Friday, May 27, 2005

Hoist on my own petard

When I was watching "Fever Pitch" with my wife the other day, I felt glad that I wasn't as obsessed with the Sox as the male lead was. I remember one scene in particular: the part in which Jimmy Fallon's character goes to a party with Drew Barrymore's character and has a terrific time, up to the point when he learns that the Sox made an amazing comeback in extra innings. He is so upset about missing the game that the whole evening is suddenly ruined as far as he is concerned, an attitude I found pretty immature.

Then, while adding Technorati tags to my archived posts, I happened across proof that Fallon is not alone in his screwed-up priorities. Of course I wasn't in a relationship at the time, and it *was* a playoff game, but still. *rueful grin*

Update: um, so I'm more like Fallon's character than I thought. I was telling my wife about this post, and suddenly realized that something was wrong. After talking it over, we figured out that I had messed up the chronology. In October 2003, I was not only going out with her ...

... I had already moved in with her ...

... and we'd been engaged for nearly five months!

Fortunately she thought it was very funny, but I apologized profusely anyway, and took her out to a really nice dinner on Sunday as part of the weekend getaway.

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