Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mission accomplished!

The wife and I found an apartment! *doing happy dance* It's a one-bedroom (could be two, but we'll use the other room as a study/home office) in Arlington with reasonable rent, good space, and a convenient location. We'd been a little dubious about the place across the street, which has graffiti on the garage door and lots of mailboxes in the yard, but it turns out to be a woodworking shop, so no worries there.

Next mission: pack up all our stuff so we can move, which will be a job and a half. Fortunately the move-in date isn't until July 1, giving us more time to get things sorted out. And if we wanted to we could always tell our current landlord that July would be our last month, and that he should keep the security deposit as that month's rent. That way the move could be gradual and somewhat organized instead of sudden and absolutely chaotic.


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