Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mutant rodents

One of the current discussions on Easily Addictive involves squirrels -- specifically, which color squirrels are normal and which aren't. So far, the consensus seems to be that ...

-- gray squirrels are normal
-- red squirrels are rarer than gray ones, but thought of as normal by some folks
-- black squirrels are mutants
-- white squirrels are also mutants
-- a black squirrel with a red tail, which one poster thinks she saw, would definitely be weird

No pics yet of the black/red squirrel, but someone found a link to some white squirrels. I have no way of telling if these have been Photoshopped, but John Ashcroft did once proclaim White Squirrel Week, possibly the highlight of his career to date.


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