Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, May 16, 2005

Odds and ends

Random thoughts from the past few days:

-- On our way to dinner/movie last Friday, we saw two geese and their chicks crossing the parking lot (single file, with one adult on either end). It was an adorable sight, one that temporarily halted traffic. My wife remarked that it reminded her of her preschoolers, except that the geese were a lot more orderly.

-- The other day I was registering an account and was asked to put in my last name. However, the site wouldn't accept my input, telling me that at least three letters were needed. I guess this is to prevent people from just entering initials, but I felt like e-mailing tech support and saying, "Look, I only have two letters in my last name. I don't have anymore give you!" In the end, I put down my married name (we have yet to change it legally), which was more than long enough to satisfy the requirement.

-- The weather report says it'll be partly or mostly cloudy every day this week. Summer can't get here soon enough.


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