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Friday, June 10, 2005

Book quote of the day

"I knew from the very first that some day there would be a cow here. One of the first things that turned up when we bought the place was a milking stool, an old one, handmade, smooth with the wax finish which only the seat of an honest man's breeches can give to wood. A piece of equipment like that kicking around the barn is impossible to put out of one's mind completely. I never mentioned the name 'cow' in those early days, but I knew that the ownership of a milking stool was like any other infection -- there would be the period of incubation and then the trouble itself. The stool made me feel almost wholly equipped -- all I needed was the new plank floor under the cow, the new stanchion, the platform, the curb, the gutter, the toprail, the litter alley, the sawdust, the manger, the barn broom, the halter, the watering pail, the milk pail, the milk cans, the brushes, the separator, the churn, the cow, and the ability to milk the cow."

E.B. White, in his essay "Getting Ready for a Cow"

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