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Friday, June 24, 2005

Going digital

The other day, the wife and I acted on a longstanding impulse and splurged on a new gadget -- a Canon Powershot A95:

Canon Powershot A95

This will be both fun and useful; the wife can use this at whichever preschool she joins in the fall, and I can practice shot selection, framing, etc. without wasting a lot of film (either photographic or cinematic). Plus, I am now one step closer to being a true geek!


hi, saw your post about you attending film school classes.

I've been interested in doing the same. I don't have the money to attend film school full time, but would love to take classes a la carte, while continuing to work and earn money.

Do you have any advice, suggestions, or schools to refer?

Hmmmm, that's an interesting question. I'm not an expert by any means -- since I didn't have the option of moving, I only applied to Boston University, which did allow me to apply (and then accepted me) as a part-timer. It has been much easier on me both schedule-wise and financially, but the one thing you do miss out on is the experience of working closely with the same people for two years.

There are a couple of film forums I frequent, and people there might be able to come up with names of other schools:

Good luck!

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